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Meet Our Senior Professional Staff

    Devil's Advocate employs a multi-disciplinary staff.  Although we are not a law firm, our principals are all lawyers.  People with business, accounting, computer, and other experience round out our team.  We are not pre-occupied with titles or other status symbols, but with quality of performance.


John W. Toothman, Esq.

  • President of Devil's Advocate.
  • B.S., with honors, and M.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Virginia.   Honors included a National Science Foundation Fellowship, AIChE Scholarship Award, Sigma Xi, and Tau Beta Pi.
  • J.D. from Harvard Law School, cum laude.
  • Trial lawyer with the U.S. Department of Justice and in private law firms.
  • Admitted to practice law in Virginia, DC, and Maryland (inactive), as well as various federal courts.
  • Tried over 50 cases in federal and state courts, argued appeals in federal and state courts.
  • Co-author, with Douglas Danner, of Trial Practice Checklists 2d (West Group)
  • Co-author, with William G. Ross, of Legal Fees: Law & Management (Carolina Acad. Press)
  • Author of over twenty-five articles about legal fees, trial practice, and litigation management appearing in ABA Journal, Accounting for Law Firms, Directorship, Nation's Business, The National Law Journal, Legal Times, Corporate Legal Times, Washington Business Journal, and elsewhere.
  • Speaks and teaches regularly on subjects of litigation, legal fees, and legal ethics, among others.
  • Has testified as an expert on legal fees and related issues over 50 times.
  • Expert consultant to major corporations, law firms, insurance companies, federal, state, and local government agencies including the U.S. GAO, Congress, Departments of Energy, Transportation, and Labor, Amtrak and Postal Service.
  • Received the 1995 Ross Essay Award from the American Bar Association.
  • Arbitrator of legal fee disputes (and related issues).

Current resume available to prospective clients.

Jane Morrison

Jane K. Morrison, Esq.

  • Graduate of The Catholic University of America, cum laude, and The Columbus School of Law.
  • Admitted to practice law in Maryland and DC.  (Not admitted in Virginia.)
  • Ten years in private legal practice, primarily insurance defense litigation regarding products, premises, professional, municipal, and environmental liability.
  • In-house counsel for three years to an international insurance company, managing complex litigation.


  • Our staff typically includes personnel with special training and experience in the law and business.
  • We have a network of substantive legal and accounting consultants to assist as and when needed.


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